Category: Tools

Over the years, we’ve built many tools and processes that helped us grow, yet maintain our lean and virtual organization. Below is a summary of some of our more important tools.

Keyword Generator

When a new car comes out, we can generate our marketing campaigns with the push of a button.  Based on a number of settings, it exports a file that can then be imported into a number of different advertising sources.

Focus Tools – Keywords, Bids, Sources

Our “Focus” set of tools was developed out of a necessity to direct our attention on what matters most.  These tools help us manage hundreds of thousands of keywords, across hundreds of campaigns, and keep our focus on the good

Conductor – Content and SEO

Conductor is a tool that we built to manage content and SEO for our sites.   Writing or SEO tasks are assigned here, and there is a process for the content being published on any of our sites.  It works

Lead Catalyst – Processing Systems

Our Lead Catalyst system was custom built and developed to take advantage of our advertising and landing page technology.  It has the ability to integrate with any of the partner integration specifications, using many different types of coding logic (XML,

step2it – Process Automation

In order to run our business all these years, we’ve built a number of tools to help manage repetitive tasks, so they can easily be outsourced to low level workers.  We use these tools to launch websites, add new campaigns,


With a diverse set of internal and external tools that we use, it was necessary to bring it all together in an intranet.  This system also manages our user permissions, and all links are managed through an administration screen.

DomainNameBOT – Domain Management

With a large number of domains, there is much work involved in managing a domain portfolio, and all the processes to go from a purchase to a new website.  This tool manages it all from registering a new domain, to

AutoBOT – CPV Bid Mgmt

We’ve built the AutoBOT tool to manage CPV target bids.  Due to the nature of CPV, a change of a penny can make all the difference between a successful campaign, and a campaign that doesn’t get any traffic.