About Us

Founded in 2001, Virtual Project Manager, Inc. began buying and selling domain names, soon after evolved into a performance marketing company focusing on the automotive industry.  When traffic from the domains reached a limit, we turned to paid advertising and search marketing to generate more traffic.  Over the years, we have worked with many different traffic sources, performed numerous tests, and developed a large portfolio of websites, and tools that run a successful automotive lead generation company.

Management Team

Dennis Lambert Jr. | Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Dennis started Virtual Project Manager, Inc. with the goal of being a very automated, and virtual company.  His focus on automation has allowed VPM to operate with very few resources.  Due to the ever evolving advertising marketplace, Dennis spends a large amount of time learning about new tools, techniques, and traffic sources.  He is constantly evaluating new sources and keywords  or performing tests to improve ads, or campaign setups.  When a test is successful, his automation and outsourcing efforts are quick to spread it out to the rest of our marketing.  Dennis is both a Certified Google Professional, and a Bing Ads Accredited Professional, and keeps up to date on any updates between certifications.

Mike Lambert | Vice President, Co-founder
Mike is responsible for both business and technical development.  With a long history of developing software for the internet, Mike is able to build sites that turn visitors into leads, and tools that allow VPM to stay lean and truly virtual.  With 12 years of automotive marketing and technology experience, Mike understands the auto buyer, and works to make their experience on our sites as pleasant as possible.  When not supporting the Paid Advertising part of the business, Mike is working to improve our search engine marketing efforts.  Mike is a Certified Google Analytics Professional.

Virtual Staff

Nick Wilson | Senior Developer
Nick is responsible for both developing new tools, and maintaining/improving existing sites and tools.

Marty Bay | Automotive Editor
Marty keeps the content on our sites up to date with the latest auto news and reviews.  He is a Platinum Level Expert Author at ezinearticles.com, and holds high levels at many other author sites.

Larres Von Peligrino | Operations/Task Support
Larres supports our servers, domains, and also performs many tasks that are assigned to him through our tools.

Virtual Employees | Everything Else
Keeping in line with our original charter, we have kept our organization very lean.  We rely on other businesses, both near and far, to perform tasks such as accounting, web design, writing, and much, much more.